Mission: The Cranberry Homeowners’ Association desires to develop and encourage activities that promote consistent application and management of the covenants, easements, and DUILA. ¬†We will employ prudent spending strategies to ensure affordable fees and act as stewards to preserve the community’s waterfront strip of land; the integrity of our community; the safety of our residents and property; and the value of our homes.

Vision: Members of the Cranberry Bay Homeowners Association (CBHA) envision a Community responsive to the needs and desires of its homeowners and residents. The Association sees an attentive Board of Trustees working with local government, business, and civic organization assisting the residents of Cranberry Bay and Maple Bay to mutually achieve a pristine residential environment free of crime and of increasing beauty and property values. The Association visualizes a cooperative relationship between its members, and non members in achieving and promoting a continually improving lake living neighborhood.