Standing Committees


Below is a description of the CBHA Standing Committees that have been established in compliance with the CBHA Code of Regulations. 

Executive Committee:  The Board of Trustees and its Executive Committee will consist of the elected officers of the Board of Trustees and immediate Past President. The Executive Committee shall have charge of the management, business and affairs of the Association in the interim between meetings of the Trustees, provided however that the Executive Committee will not have the power or authority to increase or decrease the number of the members of such committee or to designate the members of such committee or to fill any vacancy on the Board of Trustees or any committee appointed by the Board of Trustees. Barry Zwick, Chair

Finance Committee:  The Finance Committee, will be chaired by the Treasurer of the Board of Trustees, and will have the responsibility for reviewing the overall planning of all financial matters of the Association, including investments, capital expenditures, budgets and appropriations, and will make recommendations to the Board of Trustees with respect thereto and also with respect to the formulation and development of the fiscal policies of the Association. Annetta T. Macedonia, Chair

Nominating Committee:  The Nominating Committee will be chaired by a Trustee(s) and will have the responsibility of conducting the search for and evaluation of candidates accepting to fill vacancies on the Board of Trustees. Once the nominating committee determines the slate of qualified and competent candidates, distinguished in their field of expertise, the nominating committee will then present said slate to the Board for final approval, by majority vote of the Board of Trustees. Alice Wing, Chair

Membership Committee:  The Membership Committee will be chaired by a Trustee(s) and will conduct the annual membership drive which begins in January by giving initial notice, in December, to the Cranberry Bay residents. The membership committee will maintain an accurate record of paid memberships, which will include, but not limited to: Lot Number, Name, Mailing Address, and the date when membership dues were received, and coordinate this record with that of the Treasurer and Secretary.  Margaret Hanson, Chair

Public Relations Committee:  The Public Relations committee will be chaired by a Trustee(s) of the Board of Trustees and will have the responsibility for coordinating the following sub committees: Newsletter Committee, Picnic Committee, Block Party Committee, Welcome Committee, Garage Sale Committee and other Special Events and activities as designated from time to time by the Board of Trustees.  Charlene Hayden, Chair and Newsletter Editor

Architectural Committee:  The Architectural Committee will be chaired by a Trustee(s) and when appropriate, work in conjunction with Land Management, and will review and approve in writing any improvements to existing structures/new builds and use of the easement in accordance with the state and local zoning requirements, Protective Covenants, Grant of Easement, Amended Grant of Easement, Lake Lands Agreement, Code of Regulations, and the Rules and Regulations as set forth by the Board of Trustees.  Joel Gabor, Chair

Land Management Committee:  The Land Management Committee will be chaired by a Trustee(s) and will be responsible for, but not limited to, maintaining the sign lot. The Land Management committee shall monitor all property owned by and Association to ensure compliance with the Protective Covenants, and the Declaration of Encroachment Agreement. This committee will also respond to complaints associated with homeowners’ use of the property and conduct routine, assessments of the property to ensure resident safety to include but not limited to, trees, erosions, and upkeep.  Teresa Kaylor, Chair 

Dock Management Committee:  The Dock Management Committee will be chaired by a Trustee(s) and will be responsible for reviewing existing documents and recommending to the Board of Trustees, all revisions to the documents related to dock use and licensing.  The Committee will work with ODNR to accurately identify and maintain an up to date record of all property owners assigned dock(s). Conduct periodic dock inspections and identify docks in need of repair and provide notification to the property owner(s). Review all applications for changing existing structures and new builds and changes in ownerships.  Sherry Powell, Chair 

Code of Regulations and Revisions and CBHA Rules and Regulations:  This Committee will be chaired by a Trustee (s) and will be responsible for interrupting the Code of Regulations and recommending amendments to the Code of Regulation, in accordance with Article 12. Work with the Secretary of the Board of Trustees to ensure the Ohio Office of Secretary of State, has on record all necessary information and paid fees to maintain the Association’s Non Profit status. This committee will also review and edited for Board of Trustee’s approval, all Rules and Regulations in accordance with Article 16 of the Code of Regulations.  Laura Maczko, Chair

Ad Hoc Committees:

Fund Raising:  Jeff Guth    •   Apparel: Jeff Guth    •   Block Watch Program: TBD

Resident Directory: Annetta T. Macedonia

Web Site Development and Oversight:  Annetta T. Macedonia 

Ad Hoc Committees are established by the President with the approval of the
Board of Trustees and can be activated on an as needed basis.

If you are interested in joining a committee, contact Barry Zwick at