Do I need a CBHA permit to repair the seawall, boards or posts on my dock?

Yes, a CBHA permit must be issued before repairing, removing boards or posts from your dock. The Dock Management committee will review the plans and will determine if CBHA can approve the repairs without the ODNR reviewing the request. When it is approved, you will receive a CBHA permit that should be displayed during the repairs.  Submit plans to Dock Management Chairperson.


Do I need a CBHA permit to replace the roof or shingles on my dock?

Yes, a permit is required to replace shingles or the surface boards on your dock roof. The Dock Management committee will review the needed repairs and send your request to the ODNR office for review and approval.  A check, made out to CBHA, in the amount of $25.00 should accompany the request. Shingle and roofing debris should be handled carefully as it is not bio-degradable and will contaminate the lake waters. Plans are to be submitted to Dock Management Chairperson.


Do I need a CBHA permit to paint or stain my dock?

No, the ODNR has agreed with the Dock Management committee that painting or staining does not require a permit. Paint or stain should be handled carefully as it will contaminate the lake waters.


How long will it take to issue a CBHA permit for dock repair, construction, or seawall work?

The Dock Management committee tries to respond very quickly to all requests. All extensive repairs and new dock approvals take 6 to 8 weeks since both CBHA and ODNR does a site inspection before issuing a permit.


May I start working on my dock or seawall before I have my permit approved?

No, you may not remove the dock or do any dock or seawall repair before the CBHA permit is issued.  Contact Dock Management Chairperson,


I have a tree on the Waterfront Strip in front of my house that needs attention. It has deadwood hanging that could land on a dock, boat, or person. What should I do?

Please notify the Land Management Chairperson.


I have maintained the tree or trees in front of my home for years even though they were located on the Waterfront strip. Should I continue to do so?

The Cranberry Bay Homeowners Association owns the Waterfront Strip. Homeowner’s on the waterfront will no longer be obligated to maintain the trees. CBHA and its arborist have conducted a full inventory of all trees on the waterfront. This inventory includes all healthy trees and those trees that will require attention to preserve and those to be removed.  Only the CBHA arborist is to trim, thin, care, remove and replace the trees on the Waterfront Strip.  If you have specific questions, please contact the Land Management Chairperson.


If someone adds a fence, patio, or anything that hinders passage along the Waterfront strip, who do I contact?

Please contact the Land Management Chairperson.


Do I need to contact CBHA Architectural Review Committee if I am replacing an existing fence, patio, deck, and/or sidewalk?

Yes, according to our Protective Covenants, all building projects are subject to review by CBHA. Contact the Architectural Review Chairperson.


I have my building permit. Do I need to wait for the CBHA Architectural Review Committee to review and approve my project before I start building?

Yes, according to our Protective Covenants, all building projects must be approved before construction begins. Contact the Architectural Review Chairperson.


Do I need to pay for a survey before I start my building project?

The Protective Covenants say you need to prove that your building project is on your lot. Locating the survey pins with or with-out a surveyor is permitted. The pins must be marked for the Architectural Review Committee to clearly view.


When does my CBHA membership begin and end?

The membership’s term begins on January 1 and ends December 31 of the same year. The memberships are concurrent with the fiscal year of the Association.


How do I join the Homeowners Association?

In January of each year, the CBHA sends a membership form to each resident. Simply, complete the form and submit, along with a check for the annual dues, according to the instructions on the form.  For any other question please contact the Membership chairperson.


I am selling my house, who do I contact to transfer the dock to the new owner?

Contact Cindy Wolfe at cindywolfe57@gmail.com with the name, address, and phone number of the buyer and the name, phone number, and email of the Title Company person handling the closing. The President and the Dock Management Chairperson will prepare the Transfer form and new Dock Use and Indemnification License Agreement (DUILA) for the new owner and email it to the Title Company the day before the closing. The Transfer fee is $25. The check should be made out to Cranberry Bay Homeowners Association. The signed Transfer form, DUILA, and check should be mailed to CBHA, PO Box 1565, Buckeye Lake, OH 43008. The new owner will receive a signed copy of the DUILA from the Association within 4 weeks of closing.


Is a dock assignment transfer necessary, to an heir, in the event of the original owner (s) death?

Yes, for assistance in this matter contact CBHA President and the transfer forms will be processed. There is a transfer fee of $25.00 (check made payable to CBHA) and a Dock Use and Indemnification License Agreement will have to be signed by the new owner of the home.


If I have an assigned dock/multiple docks, do I have to pay the CBHA Administration Dock Fee?

Yes, all homeowners with an assigned dock(s) must pay the CBHA Administration Dock Fee for each assigned dock.  CBHA sends in invoice (February 15th) to all homeowners with an assigned dock(s). The invoice includes the Administration Fee, the ODNR Mylar fee, and if applicable, a fee for additional watercraft. The fee must be paid or arranged to be paid, within the time-frame designated on the invoice. Your failure to pay by the due date will result in late fees and if necessary, subsequent termination of the DUILA. For any questions regarding invoicing contact CBHA Treasurer.


What expenses are covered by the Administration Dock Fee? 

In January of each year, CBHA will send a letter informing you of the amount payable to CBHA for your assigned dock(s) and Mylar(s). In addition to the notice, you will receive a copy of the CBHA annual projected budget. This budget is prepared by both the Treasurer and the Finance Committee and approved by the Board of Trustees. The expenses itemized in the annual budget are based on the previous year’s spending history and or anticipated cost increases. When a spending history has not been established for a particular line item or project, best estimates and or quotes are used to project the future cost. All revenue is used solely for the purpose of meeting expenses associated with the waterfront strip. At no time, will CBHA use this revenue to pay for any special projects; or social activities and events for its members.


Does CBHA have a website?

Yes, you can access CBHA documents, forms, reports, contact information and announcements by visiting www.cranberrybayhoa.com


Can I review Board of Trustee’s meeting minutes?

Yes. Members of CBHA can request in writing, to the CBHA President, for a copy of the minutes. The request must include the month you wish to review.


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